17+ FZ-10 520 Chain Conversion Kit


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Drop additional unsprung weight from your FZ-10’s rear suspension with this 520 chain conversion kit.  Kit includes:

  1.  Gold DID® 520 ZVMX chain
  2. Rivet master link
  3. Supersprox® rear sprocket
  4. Supersprox® front sprocket

The ZVMX chain is DID’s premium chain and is amongst the strongest 520 chains on the market – it is suitable for liter bikes!  There is a reason that OEMs use DID chains – it’s what works.  The chain is shipped at 120 pitch length – you’ll have the option of cutting the chain to the stock length of 114 link or our recommendation of 116 link (assuming stock gear ratio).  The longer chain increases wheelbase, steepens the steering geometry – increases stability for better power application without adversely affecting the flickability of the bike.

The Supersprox® rear sprocket is a patented hybrid design combining the best assets of aluminum and steel sprockets.  The teeth are steel to increase service life while the rest of the sprocket is aluminum to save additional weight.  This design is found on many factory race teams – yet again, because it works.

The Supersprox® front sprocket is steel and is drilled to save weight.

Note:  you’ll need to use a chain rivet tool (not included) to complete this installation.  For step by step instructions, see here:  DID Chain Tool Installation Instructions

International orders:  Please allow up to 5 business day processing time.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


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