Kyle Lee Lum

Nick, where do I even begin!!!

In short TLDR: trust this man and his company to offer you customer service like you have never experienced and products that will translate to indescribable words, and a waterfall of grins and smiles ride after RIDE!

  • Razer like precision
  • Zero wallowing
  • Confidence inspiring ride
  • Predictable and tons of feedback between yourself and machine.
  • Tight and precise feeling yet supple and plush
  • More than enough adjustment range you can ever need/want

Just to name a few PROS.

The longer review: 

I came to Nick as I found (as many MT-09 owners may also too feel) the suspension of this amazing beast to be lacking. Wallowing when set to soft and harsh when set to stiff were my complaints. I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean and our roads are not the best to be honest, so I knew Nick would have had the task of translating my worded gibberish into a solid custom package that could satisfy my expectations.

Nick took the time, and I do mean a lot of time (messages, voice notes, calls, emails) to fully understand ever little detail of my little island roads and myself as a rider before completion of his custom work. In the end based on his recommendation I decided to go all in and do everything. Excessive yes, but it was what I wanted :D. A custom fork with springs, custom valving and piston kit, a triple click Penske shock, and a GPR steering stabilizer were the main handling ticket items. 

During the custom work (~3 weeks) Nick kept me very well informed on all the updates that were taking place, and has given me what is the ABSOLUTE BEST packaging I have ever seen in my life of a product when he shipped it out to me in the Caribbean. 

Fast forward one install later, and I WAS FLOORED……this is not the same bike…. his expertise to understand my intangible wants and translate that into a tangible product is mind boggling to say the least. The bike is so tight and precise yet still supple and not harsh. The range of adjustment has not even moved past the mid-way mark yet and she feels like I am riding on ice cream, with the distinct kick of a single malt whiskey. 

The rear does not wallow anymore and stays ultimately connected to the road inspiring confidence and keeping the bike solidly on its line, the front which was subject to excessive brake dive has all but ceased in that department. I can hammer on the brakes hard and she remains composed with keen neutrality and zero upsets to the chassis.

The steering stabilizer too has proven its weight in gold as when the front gets light the GPR keeps the bars in check providing much needed safety against those tank slaps.

All in all his work and craftsmanship together with his team have far exceeded my expectations of what this MT-09 can do, trust this man with your hard earned dollars cause I can guarantee you, like me, you will NOT be dissatisfied. 

Also, if you are on the fence to upgrade the suspension…DON’T! DO IT. You are in for a real treat.

It also does not hurt that Nick personally delivered my package to my freight forwarder and has given me one of the nicest, softest T-shirts I ever felt 😀

Nick, brother you are a blessing to this community THANK YOU SO MUCH. I do not feel as if I had a business transaction, I feel like I have gained a friend and fellow brother!     

Whenever you are ready visit us, I got a MT for you to ride!!


Kyle Lee Lum