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‘Unliking’ Facebook | Stoltec Moto

Some customers have noticed our sudden disappearance from Facebook.  No, we’re not going out of business!  What gives?

The move appears to be sudden because we didn’t advertise this.  But, it’s a been a process that has taken over one month to complete.  Frankly, it’s been a long time coming.

Spoiler alert:  we’re not a fan of Facebook.  For years, we avoided the social media platform for a plethora of reasons.  We only created a social media presence a few years ago in an attempt to better connect with the loads of customers who use Facebook as their primary means of communications.  We were skeptical it’d magically provide boatloads of new customers, but hey, we’re about experimentation and trying new things.

We never realized those ‘boatloads’ of new customers.  Was our skepticism warranted?  Maybe.  We are blessed to have a solid following of customers, and most continued to email, call, or contact us on various forums.  It’s worth mentioning that we didn’t go ‘all in’ on Facebook, so it’s likely a harder push would have yielded more traffic.  The marketing numbers are out there and Facebook continues to be a solid performer.

So why did we leave?  Well, at the expense of sounding like a broken record, we just simply don’t support the social media giant’s business practices.  There’s no shortage of bad press for Facebook these days, and many of us saw this coming.  As motorcyclists, we’re all sensitive to distracted driving, whatever the cause.  But we’ve encountered more and more people who are seemingly ‘plugged in’ all the time…not just behind the wheel.  Like any new technology, we’re still not sure how this will play out in the end – whenever that is.  How are our social lives being affected?  Are we more disconnected now that we’re all uber-connected?  How are our families and children being affected? How are our societies as-a-whole being affected?

Stoltec Moto doesn’t employ any psychologists or sociologists, so we’re not qualified to answer those questions.  However, we ARE motorcyclists, and one thing motorcyclists rely on (to some extent) is FEEL.  And the bottom line for us is that something just doesn’t FEEL right.  Whatever it is.  So until we figure that out, you won’t find us on Facebook.  As always, you can contact us here.

3 thoughts on “‘Unliking’ Facebook | Stoltec Moto

  1. Right on Nick, I also left FB about 6 months ago, before all the bad press about “bots”. It’s a time suck and although it’s good for finding old friends, the price we all pay is too high when we loose our ability to enjoy a real life because our faces are glued to our screens.

    Dan Breitbach

    1. Glad we’re not the only ones wearing our tinfoil hats! But seriously, thanks for sharing.



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