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Color-Coordinating the FZ

Decided to clean up a few areas ‘missed’ by Yamaha while the rest of the bike is apart. Pulled a few parts that will get dropped off with the powder coater on Monday.

For one, that damn shock linkage. They did so well on the overall color scheme of the bike compared to many others…but this thing glares at me everytime I look at it.

After carefully pulling the seals, I noticed this:

So, if you’re doing a shock, it’s a good idea to check this out.

Pressed out the bearings (and was greeted by one of the most awful smells I can remember):

Since the rearsets were off and the bike was hanging, decided it was a good idea to send this out, as well:

The only other thing that sticks out is the rear brake caliper carrier…so, yup, that’s going, too. The handlebars and steering stem yoke are going to be addressed when I do the bars.

Small pile, but will give me one less thing to catch my gaze.

Gave some thought to doing a different color wheel, but still torn on what color. So, that will wait…

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