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FZ-09 ECU Hacking Continues

Look like (fingers crossed) the ECU should be back in it’s rightful place by this time next week. Unfortunately, Yamaha (Denso, more correctly) changed the connector type and pins on the FZ-09. Not an issue for most, but it complicates issues when trying to source components to create a flash harness. It will happen, but it’s going to require more legwork than originally anticipated.

That said, Chris was able to x-ray the ECU to get a look inside…in addition to poking around the maps. We settled on a few parameter changes (no fueling at this time, of course – that comes later):

1. Speed limiter has been disabled. In stock form, the ECU employs a combination of throttle and timing retard to limit top speed to 132 mph. In fifth gear, the ECU limits throttle opening over ~10,000 RPM. In sixth, it’s over ~9,000 RPM. This has been removed for development purposes only…

2. Timing retard has been eliminated in gears 1 through 4. Basically, Yamaha tries to soften the power delivery in the lower gears. This should really wake the bike up (and loft the front wheel even easier…I’m getting giddy anticipating the added stonk).

3. Deceleration fuel cut has been disabled. In layman’s speak, the stock ECU mapping turns the injectors off during decel. However, there are different settings for each gear. For example, in second gear, decel over 4,500 RPM is fuel-less. In third gear, it’s 4,250 RPM. This ‘feature’ has been eliminated to reduce engine braking. Yamaha does this on many of their bikes, and Flash Tune’s ‘hack’ has been known to work wonders on the R1 (and others). I’ll hold my breath until I get some seat time, but this should reduce the jerkiness many people are noticing when they transition from open throttle to closed and back to open.

4. Quick shifter logic has been enabled. Still need to figure out the wiring/hardware side of things, but having it turned on is the first step, naturally. This bike is going to absolutely LOVE a quickshifter!

In other news, some developments on the Tech Spec Gripsters: Tech Spec tank grip designs – have YOUR say!

I have some more progress from the past week to report, but have patience.  All this typing takes away wrenching time…

2 thoughts on “FZ-09 ECU Hacking Continues

  1. hi just asking if u are able to sell everything needed to take speed limiter off mt 09 as in england no one can do it so i thought if you might be able to supply some form of kit if not do you know where i might be able to. thanks for your help

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