FZ-07/MT-07 FT-ECU Flashing Kit


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Snatchy throttle got you down?  Looking to add an exhaust and want to get the fueling right, eliminate popping, and get that throttle buttery smooth?  Look no further!  Beyond the factory restrictions, this bike-side kit gives the end-user full access to the ECU.  You’ll gain access to the following parameters:

  1. Engine Braking adjustments
  2. Throttle table adjustments
  3. High Load Fuel Maps (with PC3 and PC5 map importing)
  4. Low Load (cruising) Fuel Maps
  5. Fuel Injector Proportioning
  6. Ignition Timing
  7. Immobilizer Function
  8. Cooling Fan Temps
  9. Rev-Limiter Control
  10. Top Speed Limiter
  11. Diagnostic Code Reading
  12. Diagnostic Code Clearing
  13. ECU-based quick-shifting
  14. ECU-based Active Tuning

Fueling/timing will be on you (or your tuner).  Alternatively, you can utilize FT-ECU’s Active Tuning Kit which puts the power to create seamless fuel maps into the average customer’s hands.  If you’re looking to tinker and save on downtime, this is the solution for you.  If you’re hands-off and can’t be bothered to tune on your own, we recommend contacting 2 Wheel DynoWorks.  Tell them we sent you!

Note:  International orders may take up to 5 business days to process.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in


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