22+ YZF-R7 Tech Specs Tank Grips


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A great product to provide extra grip between your knees and the bike, helping to stabilize your upper body under heavy braking and while hanging off the bike at the track.  Plus, these grips take a beating so your paint doesn’t have to.  Yamaha’s paint is especially prone to scratching – you’ve been warned!

Product benefits:

  • Provides additional grip between the rider’s legs and tank during hard braking and cornering. Allows for proper body positioning while minimizing sliding around the seat.
  • Rubber grip pads, adhesively affixed to the tank. Tank pads are fully removeable and can be reused. Adhesive is clear coat safe and will not damage paint.
  • Protects painted surfaces from scratching.
  • Doesn’t damage riding pants/leathers.
  • Snake Skin is ~0.125″ thick with a an aggressive diamond pattern. This material offers the highest level of grip and is recommended spirited riding, track riding, or someone looking for the most available grip. Edges are beveled to eliminate snap points.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8.5 × .2 in


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