20+ Ténéré 700 Single 320 mm Rotor Conversion


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When you spend a lot of time offroad with your Ténéré 700, you know the brakes can be improved.  The dual rotor setup is acceptable for normal street usage, but can quickly overpower the front tire when the conditions get loose.  This kit removes one rotor and caliper to reduce front brake power with the benefit of saving unsprung mass.  Optionally, this kit can be configured to remove the front ABS, rear ABS, or all ABS functionality.  If easier brake modulation and more sensitive suspension action are intriguing, read on.

This kit utilizes a really sweet bit of CNC goodness – an aircraft grade, high-strength anodized 7075 aluminum caliper relocation bracket from MotoSwiss.  This bracket is THE plug and play solution that allows  a larger 320 mm rotor from a 2004-2007 Yamaha YZF-R1.

The brake rotor is manufactured by Galfer in Spain and will give you half the same rotor package used by top Superbike teams around the world.  It’s also 0.5 mm thicker than the OEM R1 rotor at a full 5.0 mm – nice for stopping big fully loaded adventure bike.  This rotor’s unique patented wave profile ensures that the entire brake pad’s swept area is cleaned off with each rotation.  Unlike most rotors, these are laser-cut from high-carbon 420 stainless steel, double disc parallel ground, and heat-treated to each specific application. They use a washer system for a full-floating design with memory tension so that the rotor will return to correct size after heating cycles. These unique building processes lead to the best friction surface of any stainless steel street and track rotor, with consistent and predictably outstanding performance in all conditions. The patented inner and outer Wave design minimizes heat transfer, improves the lever feel and feedback, and makes for a stronger, more progressive brake than its competition. Galfer wave rotors are KBA-TUV approved and will handle whatever you put it through.  These are the only aftermarket rotor that we use at Stoltec Moto and it’s for good reason.

Stoltec Moto’s lines are manufactured by Spiegler in Ohio, who makes some of the best braided stainless steel brake lines money can buy.  Most OEM’s recommend replacing rubber brake lines every four years to prevent failure and restore brake feel.  Not only will these last the life of your bike, but they’ll deliver better brake feel and modulation.  Crucially, these lines are DOT-compliant, come with a lifetime warranty (original owner and bike), and are available in over 100 possible color combinations.

  1. Stock Replacement Single Front Caliper Kit – Removes the front fender crossover line so you can remove the caliper and rotor for aggressive off road.  This is a 4 line kit.  Full ABS functionality is maintained.
  2. Rear ABS Delete, Single Front Caliper Kit – Removes rear ABS so you can lock up the rear without fear of washing out the front.  Front can still be turned off with the button on the dash.  This is a 3 line kit that includes 2 ABS port plugs.  ABS sensor(s) must remain installed.
  3. ABS Delete Kit, Single Front Caliper Kit – Removes ABS completely – your fate is in your own hand/foot!  This is a 2 line kit that includes 4 ABS port plugs.  ABS sensor(s) must remain installed.

Please note that these lines are custom built to order and domestic orders will drop-ship directly from the manufacturer.  For international orders, please allow approximately 1 week for orders to arrive at Stoltec Moto before dispatching to you.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 3 in


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