Toys for Tots Drive

Toys for Tots

I won’t mince my words.  Although stuff doesn’t make our lives more fulfilling, the right stuff can transport us away from the daily grind or lousy circumstances for that much needed break.  For those who aren’t following along, the stuff I’m referring to here are motorcycles (why else would you be reading this?).  As much as we love our motorcycles, they are toys for most of us.  Regardless of what’s in our garages, we know we’re lucky to have it.  We love our toys, but what if we weren’t so lucky?  What if things were different?

For so many people, things are different.  The cruel reality is what while we obsess over our two wheeled pride and joy, others are scratching their heads on how they might provide a few toys to their children during this holiday season.  I’d be naive to think we can solve the world’s problems with more toys, but I’m hoping it helps brighten the season for those less fortunate.

This year, Stoltec Moto will donate 5% of each sale to Toys for Tots.  Anything collected before 12/14/15 will be used to purchase toys; anything collected between 12/14/15 and Christmas will be donated in the form of a monetary donation to offset the charity.  Check back for status updates!

12/18/2015 Update!

First toy donation complete and en route to Santa’s elves.  Thanks for your support!  Stay tuned for final donation details over the next week.

Toys for Tots 2015

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