Veterans Day 2020

The 2020 riding season has just about come and gone.  Riding socially-distant with friends, time at the racetrack, and blitzing through the woods – our concerns limited only to having fun, reducing lap times, and returning home without broken bones.  We’re fortunate to live in such a blissful state of moto-euphoria.

The word ‘lucky’ comes to mind, but really, luck has nothing to do with it.  Our freedom to live and play is linked directly to those in uniform who have committed to protecting our nation.  Their service is devoid of political affiliation.  Their service is blind to race, religion, or sexual orientation.  Their service is an ideal that we should all strive to possess.

Stoltec Moto would like to thank each and every service member who have selflessly dedicated their lives to protecting our people, our land, and our way of life.  Service takes its toll on the mind, body, and spirit and we do not take those sacrifices lightly.  To those who served, or are presently serving, contact us for special veterans pricing.  We are doubling our typical discount during Wednesday 11/11/20 through Friday 11/13/20.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, take the time to thank a vet today.

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