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Yamaha FZ-09 Penske Shocks Available

It fits!

Even better, it works! Well, there was never a question that it wouldn’t work. But seriously…DAMN! You know, you think it would get old and the allure of improved suspension would fade with all the ones I’ve done. All of my personal bikes are fully prepped, but the ‘new bike smell’ is utterly intoxicating. I always knew that this bike would be absolutely amazing with a proper suspension, but I have to say – I’m blown away with this bike. Every modification made to date are culminating to raise this bike’s bar. The Tech Specs help lock the body position, the fork springs and heavier oil calmed the front end while limiting dive, and the ECU tweaks have really freshened the power delivery. But the shock, it does wonders…

There are only a couple miles on the shock at this point (~20 maybe?), but I have a good 90% baseline. Sag is good and damping is really getting there. The triple clicker is an awesome piece of kit. First few adjustments entailed getting rebound in order to work with the front while maintaining composure over these roads, loosening high speed compression a tick to absorb our frost heaves and bumps, and increasing low speed compression to limit squatting. On a bike with acceleration this fierce, the rear end always squatted under power, so quelling that behavior does wonders for stability. The bike will still wheelie with authority, but your wrist is now hard wired to the ground. Twist and go. All business.

There really isn’t anything else I can say about the shock. It’s done.

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