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Ditching the Pumpkins

You guys probably thought I forgot about some of these projects…but such is not the case! Been busy with other work, but the FZ has not been led out to pasture.

Finally got around to swapping out the front turn signals a few weeks ago. The motivation was two fold: get rid of the ugly pumpkins, and free up a few watts by eliminating the running lights. The heated pants, jacket, and gloves need all the help they can get…

The signals are CNC Racing “Bombs”. E stamped, but no DOT. They are decently bright, even in daylight. Not quite as noticeable as the stockers, but they are better than any flushmount I’ve seen. I have a couple ideas floating around to increase front signal visibility further, but that is low on the priority list at the moment.

Side by side:

Both installed:

Now that the front is cleaned up, I’ll move onto the rear. Easy does it with these mods. We might have the tail cleaned up by spring 2015..

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