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FZ-09 Project: Hide the horn

In between playing around on the suspension, I set about fixing something that has irked me from day 1: that blasted horn. To my eyes, the placement is terrible and the gaudy silver ring doesn’t do the front of the bike any favors. I was originally planning to design/fabricate/sell a simple kit to relocate this horn, and then I figured out an easier solution…

Now you see me:

Now you don’t:

While the tank was off (and then on and off and on and off and on again), the left scoop stuck out to me as a great place to put something…if only we had something. I started focusing on the forks and noticed that damn eyesore of a horn had to come off just to use the triple tree lift. Hmmm…horn in one hand, empty LH scoop. I wonder.


Sure as shitfire, it fit! Even better? The factory horn bracket required NO modifications. Make up a short jumper lead, remove the factory horn mount on the lower triple tree and voila! If you’re so inclined, I’ve detailed it here:

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