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FZ-09 Projector HID Retrofit

The reworked headlight also came back from Chad @ AHR:

Went with a 35w Mini H1 in 4300K. The 4300K was selected for two reasons: 1) It’s a tinge more yellow than the 5000K, which is easier on the eyes during extended periods of night driving, and 2) Just about all factory automotive HID’s are 4300K, so this won’t attract undue attention or piss off other motorists. Tried to keep it simple and clean with no angel eyes, pod lighting, etc. All in all, I enjoy the Cyclops look. But most importantly, the extra light and better beam pattern will be welcome.

Now that said, this whole Cree LED headlight kit movement crept up on the industry very quickly. The product launched after I committed to this job with Chad. I’m thinking I might pick up another headlight this summer and do a side by side if time allows. The LED kit draws less power (more juice for my heated pants) and doesn’t add the weight of the glass projector, solenoid, etc. In the interim, I might try a set in the car to get a feel for them. More good intentions…

9 thoughts on “FZ-09 Projector HID Retrofit

  1. Nick,
    Is the head light mod a plug in deal? Is it something I could buy from you and install myself?

    1. Contact Chad @ Affordable HID Retrofitting. He did this light for me (you can also source the parts yourself if you wanted to DIY).


  2. what would it cost to get this item? I am looking to put it on a different bike. Love the look.
    FZ-09 Projector HID Retrofit everything in the pic.

    1. Sorry, this item isn’t for sale here. Please check out for parts supply. It’s going to be a DIY project…

  3. Did you loose your high beam?

    1. No – high beam is still functional.

  4. losing some high beam function, ie. not as bright, can barely tell if its on. Any body else have this issue with this system? Must be the ballast, correct?

  5. How do i get one

  6. how do i get one.

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