07-12 Tiger 1050 Starter Cable Kit

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Triumph really outdid themselves when they introduced the 1050 cc triple.  It has plenty of stonk to deliver a truly engaging ride.  However, the starter circuit leaves room for improvement.  Undersized from the factory, the stock cables limit the starter’s cranking speed.

Triumph owners have been making these kits for years, but we decided to remove the guesswork and provide a bundled solution.  This kit reduces the stock starting circuit’s voltage drop, deliver’s faster starts, and puts less strain on the starter sprag clutch.

Kit includes:

  • 4AWG replacement ground cable
  • 4AWG replacement starter cable
  • 4AWG replacement starter relay cable
  • Replacement ground stud and nut (in place of factory screw)
  • Cable ties
  • Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.375 × 1.5 in

3 reviews for 07-12 Tiger 1050 Starter Cable Kit

  1. Gary Allison (verified owner)

    Nick, great person and company to deal with. All my questions answered and the kit arrived pretty quickly. Installed on the weekend in about 45 mins without removing the fuel tank. EASY! Great quality and instructions. And, the start this morning was noticibly easier with the engine turning over really quickly.
    Thank you, Gary

  2. Steve (verified owner)

    Been having trouble with starting the Tiger 1050 for some time. Most importantly, you MUST have a fresh, strong, fully charged battery in these things or the sprag will disengage again and again. This cable upgrade kit is also a huge help. Whatever voltage your battery delivers gets to the starter STRONG, and you can see what an advantage the kit offers when you see the stock battery wires, which look like something off a piece of garden equipment. The install is not difficult, especially once you get comfortable forcing the thick new cable(s) into place between the battery and the relay (not much room). It is definitely easier to get to the sweet new ground bolt in if you take the tank off. This, in turn, requires most of the body work coming off, so that adds a little time but also a good opportunity to clean everything up in there. Overall a very good product that fixes a known Tiger 1050 problem at reasonable price.

  3. Robert O Mosley (verified owner)

    My 2010 Tiger has been chronically reluctant to start at any temperature below 42F. Since installing this kit last weekend, I’m seeing vastly improved cold temperature cranking, and I’m sure that the only cold weather limit remaining will be my personal ambition level. Thanks for a great product!

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