2017-2020 MT-09 Fork Piston Kit

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Yamaha did us all a favor and made some simple, but substantial, upgrades to the 2017 model year FZ-09.  Not only did they separate damping between both fork legs by bringing the ‘dead leg’ back to life, but they provided adjustability over compression damping, as well.  Finally, that ripping 847 cc engine has a fork layout that can harness the bike’s true sporting intentions!  That said, Yamaha had to design to a price point that limits the overall capability of the forks.  If you’re having difficulty getting the rebound in check, are bottoming out, dealing with excessive brake dive, or cringing at every frost heave and expansion joint, we have a solution for you.

The unique Stoltec Moto Fork Piston kit is complete with the following:

  • 20 mm compression piston w/ custom shim stack
  • 20 mm rebound piston w/ custom shim stack
  • 8 degree needles to provide better laminar flow characteristics through the piston bleed and increased adjustability
  • Proper drill bit for cartridge discharge port modification
  • Fork oil
  • Copper crush washers (not shown)
  • The market’s only true drop-in fork springs (optional)
  • (Optional) SKF ‘Green’ Fork Seals – reduced stiction w/ increased service life

You’ll gain increased low-speed rebound/compression damping without an undue increase in high-speed compression.  In layman’s terms, less brake dive, no pogo-effect – all without creating harshness.  Even sub-freezing temperatures won’t adversely impact the forks’ performance.  For the money, this kit can’t be beat!

Our custom linear rate fork springs are also available separately.  As always, please contact us for spring rate recommendations.

If you can’t make heads and tails of what’s in the pictures, don’t fret – but contact a qualified suspension shop to handle your installation!  Remember, we can’t see what you’re doing during installation, so make sure you understand the ins and outs before attempting this on your own!

For the more savvy fork installers, see here for some installation notes:  17+ FZ-09 FPK Installation Instructions

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

3 reviews for 2017-2020 MT-09 Fork Piston Kit

  1. A. Ashwal (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal.

    Changed the bike completely, I was expecting a big difference because the stock suspension was not designed for a 210lb+ rider, but never expected the difference to be as much as it turned out to be! Great customer service and amazing guy to deal with.

    Will definitely recommend this product and Stoltec to anyone I know.

    Thanks Nick!!

    • Nick Stolten

      Akram, so glad the bike is finally working out for you (and by the sounds of it, exceeding your expectations)! Thanks for the business – ride safe!

  2. John (verified owner)

    First, customer service is outstanding! Nick and his team were professional and communicative throughout.

    The valves made a significant difference in terms of comfort, stability, and compliance. The OEM equipment simply does not have enough range of adjustment so the damping can never be dialed in enough for aggressive riding. IT DOES NOW! Like the previous review, I did not think the suspension would feel this much better, but it does.

    Thank you Stoltec, this was money well spent!

    The instructions were quite good as well, they were very clear and easy enough to follow.

    • Nick Stolten

      Right on, thanks John. Ride safe!

  3. Gary Eckman (verified owner)

    Amazing the difference this valving makes! Forks are firm but plush, minimal dive under braking with spring upgrade. Very responsive, maintains contact with pavement on rough tarmac, almost asks you to push harder. Installation was straightforward, if you are familiar with fork work it is easy. I couldn’t be happier, great customer service, quality parts! Thanks, Nick.

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