SKF Green Fork Seal Kits



If it’s time to change your fork seals or if you’re looking for something a little better than stock, look no further.  These fork seals are easily identifiable by their characteristic GREEN color.  These seals are legendary amongst off-road and road-race winning teams for their ability not only to last longer than OE seals, but also for their reduced stiction.  Still not sure?  Stiction is the ‘sliding friction’ found between the fork seals and the chrome slider.  Less stiction means less drag and better response on irregular road surfaces.


  • Both external wipers
  • Both oil seals
  • Optional:  Slickoleum grease packet

We stock the following kits:

KITG-43K:  Super Ténéré, MT-10, Ténéré 700

KIT41K:  All Yamaha MT-09, FJ-09, Tracer 900, Tracer GT, XSR900, 06-17 YZF-R6, 22+ YZF-R7

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