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Welcome to the new site!

Its been a long time coming – 2.5 years and a few failed attempts at finding a web developer who could handle the needs of Stoltec Moto.  Luckily, both my best friend and my brother came together and convinced me to take over the site development.  The learning curve has been steeper than expected, but at least we’re live.  So stay tuned, updates will be added regularly – both products and blog content.

Enjoy your stay, share your thoughts, and as always, ride safe!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new site!

  1. The site looks great Nick !!!! Good job and happy and safe riding =)

  2. Terrific changes, Nick. Makes me wanna buy something.!!
    Congrat’s on the new site and continued good business to you.

    1. Thanks! Products will be continually added, so stay tuned 😉

  3. The site looks amazing. Finally, a place I can get Stoltec Moto gear!

  4. Congrats on the new site! Looks great!


  5. Nice clean site, just the way they should be-good job!

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