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FZ-09 ECU Flash Update and Ride Report – New Year’s Edition

Yesterday, I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any timing working. But good intentions pave the way…to the racetrack? Seeing the looming forecast I decided to take advantage of the balmy 27F weather and work on the ECU map’s revision B. I spent a considerable amount of time smoothing out A’s quick turn throttle map and some minor timing smoothing in the upper rev range and am pretty damn happy with the results. Buttery smooth in all maps, but A is definitely the ‘hooligan’ map. It doesn’t take much to loft the front wheel in gears 1-3. I’m not a wheelie guy, but I honestly think it might be possible in 4th on this map. I’ll let some of you guys figure this out.

Throttle snatch, as expected, is directly related to the throttle maps (or fueling, if you like that approach – more than one way to skin this cat). B mode snatch is completely nonexistent. STD and A mode snatch is far less than half of the stock setup. After a few hours of tweaking the tables and several hundred miles on the bike, I’m completely satisfied with these maps. There will always be room for improvement, but I honestly don’t think rideability can be further improved on the stock exhaust/intake. I expect you can find a couple hp with some tuning, but I’m not expecting better rideability at this time (though would love to be proven wrong ). This bike has some of the smoothest fueling that I’ve ever experienced. Personally, I’d be good with riding this as-is, for a very long time. Yesterday was a good day to ring in the new year and the bike’s 1,001th mile!

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