22+ YZF-R7 Stainless Steel Brake Lines


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Are you looking to tighten up the brake feel on your YZF-R7?  Stoltec Moto teamed up with Spiegler to develop these kits, and these help bring the performance of the brakes in line with an otherwise stellar chassis and engine.

Spiegler makes some of the best braided stainless steel brake lines money can buy.  Most OEM’s recommend replacing rubber brake lines every four years to prevent failure and restore brake feel.  Not only will these last the life of your bike, but they’ll deliver better brake feel and modulation.  This kit includes all lines and all crush washers in multiple configurations:

  1. Stock Replacement Kit– Eliminates rear hard lines to minimize leak points, reduce cost, and save weight.  This is a 5 line kit.
  2. Complete ABS Delete Kit – OFFROAD USE ONLY.  This kit bypasses both the front and rear ABS circuits without introducing any warning lights.  This is a 3 line kit that includes 4 ABS port plugs.  If you’d also like to optionally remove the ABS unit completely, you’ll need THIS KIT (CLICK FOR LINK).

Product benefits:

  • Firmer lever pull than OE rubber lines – delivers increased feel and modulation
  • Patented fitting torsion system eliminates line twist
  • Over 100 possible color combinations
  • Lifetime warranty (original owner and motorcycle only)
  • DOT-compliant
  • Made in USA


  • Aluminum banjo bolts (factory bolts are heavy steel that corrode over time).
  • Speed Bleeders – this make an easy affair of fluid bleeding
  • Brake Fluid – We highly recommend Motul RBF-600.  One bottle will work for the kit, but its very close.  If you run into bleeding challenges or spill, you’ll be short.  Order 2 if you want to play it safe.

Please note that these lines are custom built to order and domestic orders will drop-ship directly from the manufacturer.  For international orders, please allow approximately 1 week for orders to arrive at Stoltec Moto before dispatching to you.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in


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